ponies for fetes & fun days

Boy Riding Christmas Pony

Pony Power at your Event

Ponies for Parties has a team of great looking donkeys and ponies of various heights and colours to ensure the right look for your event. We can accommodate children and adults of various age groups to cater to almost any function.

Our donkeys and ponies have been selected and trained especially for the public environment and all have friendly natures, good manners and respect for their handlers.
Our ponies arrive freshly groomed and shampooed, with their manes and tails plaited.

Each pony or donkey has an individual handler who will help the children on and off and maintain the highest safety levels by making sure every rider wears a safety helmet and has a firm seat in the saddle. Our ponies work in teams of two so that if one pony is taking a short break, pony rides can continue.

The minimum visit time is 2 hours but most fetes and fun day visits last for 4 hours. Two-hour visits may be a morning or afternoon. Morning sessions commence at 10am and finish at midday. Afternoon visits can commence any time from 2pm. Visits lasting for 4 hours and more may begin at any time during the day.

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Ponies At The Melbourne Cup


If you would like to include Ponies for Parties in your fundraising event we leave the collection of money and tickets to you. This allows us to dedicate our attention to supervising the ponies with the children.

Pony rides are most effective when charged per ride with tickets being sold at a stand or dedicated point and collected by you upon mounting the pony.

Donkey Re Enacting Nativity Scene


Our donkeys and ponies love re-enacting nativity scenes for Christmas, being part of plays, or marching in ANZAC Day parades. They are happy to work both outside and inside buildings to give your narrative an authentic touch.

Movies & Advertising

We have many donkeys and ponies in different colours and sizes. They are very well trained to handle movie sets or photo shoots.